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Regular Spoiler Room: Scoop On Arrow

Do you have any early scoop on the Arrow finale? — Raja

The ultimate showdown between Oliver and Ricardo Diaz is not going to go the way you’d probably expect, but to say more would be a massive spoiler, so I’ll let David Ramsey take it from here! “Oliver is going to pay a price that he hasn’t really paid before,” Ramsey says. “Unlike our other bad guys, who are really trying to go for the jugular in sense that they’re trying to kill Oliver, Ricardo Diaz is just destroying his family piece by piece.”


Arrow 6×22 “The Ties that Band”

Stephen Amell teases S6 Season Finale

Stephen Amell teases S6 Season Finale


“[Arrow 6×18 “Fundamentals”] mirrors an episode [Arrow 7×19] in which I have less screen time than EVER”

Stephen Amell – Instagram story

Have you ever knew about next episode? Promo s…

Have you ever knew about next episode? Promo shows Dragon explode a place. Apparentelly is a houve-se. Do you know something about?

Yeah, Arrow is riddled with explosions at times. Stephen mentioned on Facebook and Instagram he’s barely in 619 — this Thursday’s episode. It’s a villain heavy story line.

And now, this is just speculation. Given Stephen showed up fans videos with Oliver all beat up in 620, it’s highly likely Oliver gets captured.

Stephen Amell Q&A Facebook (April 16)

Stephen Amell Q&A Facebook (April 16)


Stephen Amell recently told fans that whatever big events happen in the finale cannot be undone, and Guggenheim confirmed this information. “That is, yes, that is exactly true. In fact, it’s the kind of game-changer that we’re not going to buy back at any point. It fundamentally changes the show,” Guggenheim said.”

The Arrow Season Finale is “A Real Game Changer” –


“You can expect a different hairstyle from Oliver [in Season 7]…All around different hairstyle”

Stephen Amell [Instagram Story 04/13]

I am suspecting Oliver will be in jail by season’s end…. Maybe he’ll sport very short hair, almost bold and no facial hair…

In the comics Oliver goes to jail more than once so I see a plot like this feasible…

Also the once planned Green Arrow movie “Escape from Super Max” has Oliver in prison and his secret identity revealed…

I hope the new writers come up with a cool storyline for S7…



“I’ve listened to your advice for the last 6 years, I think I’ve earned a reprieve.”

Stephen voices Oliver’s side of the argument in 617

Stephen Amell Interview HVFF Chicago | Next Le…

Stephen Amell Interview HVFF Chicago | Next Level Radio Podcast: