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Season 7 (Early Speculation) | John Diggle

Let’s speculate about John Diggle’s role at ARGUS… Spoilers ahead!

As we see above Diggle is now a full time ARGUS agent. My wish is that he becomes sort of a ARGUS’ Steve Trevor and be assigned next season to defend the city in the absence of his main “hero”… (It’s already been well speculated that the Green Arrow will be in jail by the end of the season paying for his crimes)

Well, back to Diggle… He is not going to be under the hood as he wanted but have the main role of protector of Star City…

My theory is that in the beginning of S7, Diggle will be asked to assamble a high skilled tactical team to defend the city…

Just like Amanda Waller asked Steve in the comics to reassemble the JLA…

Or Obama in another version to build ARGUS…

On Arrow I would like Diggle to recruit The Green Arrow, take him out of jail on a role similar to the Suicide Squad, and then exonerate him for saving the city by the end of S7

And also call Roy to be part of the team! So glad Colton is coming back!

I would be super glad to have Diggle with a prominent role like this on S7

What do you think?

One of my early S7 specs

Ok, this confirms to me that Oliver will end u…

Ok, this confirms to me that Oliver will end up in jail by the end of the season… He’ll pay for his sins in exchange of federal help to save the City.

I’m looking forward to see Oliver in a serving his sentece in a Super Max and dealing with other inmates (maybe villains he helped arrest) …

I’m sure he’ll be out by 7B or before with the help of Diggle and ARGUS… I’m thinking with sort of a Task Force X deal… Oliver as part of a Squad of inmates? I’m in!

Can’t wait for S7!


“Regardless of how much Ollie’s current woes may be the result of systemic corruption in Star City, the fact remains that he’s been breaking the law nightly for the past six years of his life. The prosecutor wasn’t wrong when she accused him of hiding behind others and failing to take responsibility for his crimes. Ollie let Roy take the fall in Season 3, and now he’s dragged Tommy’s name through the mud in order to clear his own. At several points it felt like this episode was building to that critical moment of realization where Ollie finally accepted responsibility and chose to tell the truth.”

– Arrow: “DOCKET NO. 11-19-41-73” – Review

Indeed. IMO, to get Star City’s and everyone’s respect, Oliver needs to pay for his mistakes and take responsibility of his past acts. I think he should go to prison and emerge a different man for him, his family and Star City.




Finale theory

I really can’t wait for this season to be over. Purely so my brain can take a hiatus from theorising about what’s going to happen.

I have a new idea about the finale and it has to do with William. This is purely speculation, so bear with me.

I’ve posted a couple of specs about this season which have grown from the Slade/Oliver scene in 6×01 where he talks about Oliver having to make a choice between being the hero the city needs, and the father his son needs. I then posted about the scene between Oliver and Agent Watson in 6×07 where she talks about the time of Vigilantes being over and that you can’t be a hero if you hide in the shadows, avoiding responsibility and culpability. She then asked him what his son thinks about it all.

I was thinking about the spoilers for 6×21 with ‘Tommy’ taking the guise of Green Arrow and how I think we will see Oliver be exonerated.

Then in 6×22 Felicity is in danger with Diaz and a lot of people are thinking that Oliver will make a deal with Watson to protect his wife. Something along the lines of their help with Diaz and he’ll turn himself in.

However, something started to click with me.


What kind of example is Oliver setting by letting someone else take responsibility for his actions? Ultimately what does it matter if it keeps him out of prison, right? But becoming a parent is a tricky experiment of trying to get the right balance in the example you set your child. Is Oliver being the kind of father his son needs, or is he sacrificing that role to be the hero the city needs?

Can he do both?

Can he be a good father and a good hero? Can he finally balance his two world’s?

Making the deal with Watson might be for the good of the city, and also a way for him to show his son what is right from wrong.

Thus becoming the martyr that Diaz feared him to be.

Anyway, this is what my brain chooses to think about at 3.45am. I need sleep.

I love this @jules85

“Kill him, and you martyr him. You make him a legend. But break him, humiliate him, terrify him, and hold him up for the world to see? Then he’s nothing but a man.“— Scarecrow, Batman: Arkham Knight

If Oliver gets taken away fighting for the City, it can create a powerful symbol for others to rally around. The Green Arrow work may not have been all that effective or appreciated while he was doing it, but once he goes to prison for it, the City takes notice and begins to agree with him, and possibly rise up. 

Smart villains are aware of this and take efforts to avoid it. Watson, although not an official villain, in her pursuit of vigilantes has missed this revelation!

So maybe that’s how he gets out in 7×01? The people demand the return of their hero back to them?

Bravo! Great post @jules85 @almondblossomme I’m totally sold to this theory. Worth multiple reblogs!

For season 7, I just would add that Oliver’s comeback will be arranged by ARGUS, who David Ramsey revealed would have an important role in S7

we know Oliver was an “ARGUS asset” during his “5 years in hell” so I see feasible Diggle recruiting him for difficult important missions (or maybe just a big one) in exchange of a shorter sentence, time with his family and the opportunity to clean up his name.

I think having Oliver in jail surrounded by villains would provide writers with some juicy meat to come up with very compelling storylines, specially if people like Anatoly, Brick and even Cupid are there too.

This is the Arrow I want to see. I hope the series management changes give us a great S7 🤞


The Ties That Bind | Arrow 6×22

Like it is customary, in every season so far, the 22nd episode of Arrow is named after a Bruce Springsteen’s song.

You been hurt and you’re all cried out you say

You walk down the street pushin’ people outta your way

You packed your bags and all alone you want to ride

You don’t want nothin’, don’t need no one by your side

You’re walkin’ tough baby, but you’re walkin’ blind

To the ties that bind

The ties that bind

Now you can’t break the ties that bind

Cheap romance, it’s all just a crutch

You don’t want nothin’ that anybody can touch

You’re so afraid of being somebody’s fool

Not walkin’ tough baby, not walkin’ cool

You walk cool, but darlin’, can you walk the line

And face the ties that bind

The ties that bind

Now you can’t break the ties that bind

I would rather feel the hurt inside, yes I would darlin

Than know the emptiness your heart must hide

Yes I would, darlin’, yes I would, darlin’

Yes I would, baby

Oh, you sit and wonder just who’s gonna stop the rain

Who’ll ease the sadness, who’s gonna quiet your pain

It’s a long dark highway and a thin white line

Connecting baby, your heart to mine

We’re runnin’ now but darlin’ we will stand in time

To face the ties that bind

The ties that bind

Now you can’t break the ties that bind

You can’t forsake the ties that bind




Spoilers! I am suspecting Anatoly hired the H…


I am suspecting Anatoly hired the Human Target to save Oliver … He know each other from Russia #BromanceReborn

Arrow Season 6: A New Clue for the Season Fina…

Arrow Season 6: A New Clue for the Season Finale – Bleeding Cool:

As for the finale, it’s called ‘Life Sentence’, and I have made my speculation that this ties into Oliver being publicly outed and possibly going to jail, with that being how we start season 7 as a take on the never-produced Green Arrow: Super Max movie. We know that Caity Lotz will be appearing as Sara Lance and that the show is going to set up season 7 with a twist that Amell describes as, “more so than anything we’ve ever done… that we can never undo.” Hence my thought on prison. But the new clue is that Amell had to repeat wardrobe that he specifically wore in season 1, episode 5…

That particular episode was called Damaged and had Oliver arrested for being the Hood. This was something he set up to happen because eventually someone would put his return together with the arrival of the Hood and ask questions. He insisted on Laurel (Katie Cassidy) on being his lawyer, he got released with an ankle monitor, and threw a big party at the mansion while Diggle (David Ramsey) wore the hood for the first time and took out a gun dealer, clearing suspicion of Oliver. On the Island, this was when he first started learning to shoot an arrow. The only wardrobe thing he wore that seemed to be unique to the episode was the ankle monitor. Make of that what you will.

saebrfan: gothsmoak: The People vs Oliver Jo…



The People vs Oliver Jonas Queen

No jail for Oliver Queen.


Till Death Do Us Part  – Arrow Season 6 Finale…


**Finale spoilers contained ahead**        

We have all wondered about the cliffhanger awaiting us in the Arrow season 6 finale.

I have long favored @nalla-madness “Reveal Theory”. But after Stephen’s conversation with @adiwriting at HVFF Chicago, I needed to consider other theories.

Imprisonment is a possibility, but I still can’t justify it for several reasons.

 Oliver’s trial happens in episode 6×21 “Docket


” and through BTS photos we see Stephen Amell with David Ramsey and Embett in the bunker for 6×21 wearing a suite, in Oliver’s apartment for 6×22 shirtless, in the hospital in 6×23 wearing a sweater and at the brewery also in 6×23 in the GA costume. 

We either got a not-guilty verdict end of 6×21, for Oliver to be walking around free or the jury is still out debating and Oliver is still out on bail for 2 more episodes gallivanting the city, until his guilty verdict comes in 6×23!  I find that highly doubtful! 

An article on “Bleeding Cool” suggested that the wardrobe item Stephen was referring to in his twitter post from 105 is the “ankle monitor” he wore while housebound in “Damaged” 1×05. I have to disagree with that, because not only do we see Oliver in the bunker, but how do you explain hospital and brewery?! 

So I am going to base my speculation on the assumption that Oliver received a “Not-Guilty” verdict end of 6×21, one week from today!

Several tumblrs have made the suggestion that Oliver Queen might fake his death in the season 6 Arrow finale in order to avoid imprisonment.  @certainmentalityface posed this question to me a while a go, which I dismissed based on the un-do-ability factor of it. I didn’t think Oliver Queen can get away with faking his own death and not having it undone in 7×01.  I even considered Oliver faking the death of the Green Arrow just like the team did with season 3 and again dismissed it because of what happened in 4×01 and Oliver donning the hood again.


Then @nalla-madness suggested that the 6×19 scene must be foreshadowing an upcoming event. That Oliver might be faking his death and that was his way of reassuring Felicity that he will come back to her!

Later on, @austencello connected several dots in her 6×19 Arrow musical review.  The musical piece played in the 6×19 promise scene is “Prepare yourself” from 3×09.


 It is the theme that plays when Oliver is preparing for his duel when he tells Felicity he loves her and bids her goodbye.  As it also plays in 3×10 when Diggle and Felicity discuss the possibility that Oliver may not come back and Felicity refuses to accept it.  


So I got to thinking what is Oliver Queen asking Felicity to prepare herself for this time in 6×19?  


We know from the
synopsis of 6×22 that Diaz
targets Team Arrow and their loved ones. Oliver struggles with Felicity putting
herself in danger when she gets the chance to stop Diaz for good. We have
the BTS picture posted by Bam from this episode


which combined with the HVFF
Chicago panel
led me to speculate that Felicity is pregnant by 6×21 if not
6×22 or why else would Stephen and David be covering Emily in this 6×21 BTS picture?


Later we
had the BTS picture posted by Stephen where @jules85 spotted Felicity’s glasses 


and through Bam’s BTS picture, the fandom identified the maternity poster
behind Oliver, confirming that by early 6×23 Felicity is hospitalized in the
maternity ward.


So based on the 6×22 synopsis during Felicity’s attempt to stop Diaz,
she gets hurt and ends up in the hospital in early 6×23.

I think Felicity tries to disarm a bomb in usual Felicity finale fashion
but gets hurt in the process, which leads the SWAT team to come to her rescue.


Whether Felicity loses the baby or is ordered by Dr. Schwartz to be
confined to bed-rest, that remains to be seen.
This possible baby loss shakes Oliver and pushes him to reconsider the
life he is living and whether any of it is worth it if Felicity or the baby had

At this point in time, Oliver feels very much alone. Abandoned and helpless in the face of enemies attacking his family. He also feels responsible for bringing Felicity into the mission and for almost loosing her and his unborn child.  Guilt eats at him.  He comes to the conclusion that in order to forever put his demons to rest he must abandon being the Green Arrow.  He started the mission alone and he must end the mission alone.  He must give up the mantle and move on to a more civilian life. But how?  Its not like he can just simply get up and and quit? Oliver figures that the only way
he can protect his family from future enemies and villains is to prove to
the world once and for all that Oliver Queen is not the Green Arrow. 

But why now? Oliver has been under pressure before, why at this moment in time?  Felicity was hurt in 4×09 and William was taken in 4×15 and 5×22, yet
Oliver had never thought of giving up the Green Arrow? The need
to see his baby born, the need to not miss out on another child’s life is what pushes him to finally make the cut with his alter ego vigilante and proceed to formulate a plan: How does he end it and keep everyone safe? The only way he could succeed in his higher mission of protecting his family is by staging a public death for the Green Arrow while Oliver Queen remains alive. YES, in essence, Oliver concludes that for him to survive, he has to kill the Green Arrow, unlike season 3, when the Arrow was taken from him by Ra’s Al Ghoul, this time, its his choice!

I think after an all out battle scene with the FBI and ARGUS against Diaz with the help of Diggle and the newbies


at Dragon’s Vertigo operation at the old Molson brewery site,


Diaz engages Oliver fully dressed in the Green Arrow costume in a
fight and shoots him in sight of everyone. 


 The GA takes the shot and falls off the bridge and hits the water.  


This is what 6×19 was foreshadowing and what Oliver asked Felicity to prepare herself for subconsciously.  That is why he was making her a promise to
always return to her. A search for the Green Arrow yields no bodies at first, everyone assumes
Oliver is dead;  but then a mangled body is found later dressed in the Green Arrow
costume that can’t be identified, either way, Felicity
rejects the idea of Oliver’s death because Oliver promised her he would come back to her in 6×19.  

Diaz is arrested because
of all his crimes including the murder of the Green Arrow in front of many witnesses and several law enforcement officials.


we see Oliver swim out of the river and go to the hospital or home to Felicity, where she throws herself in his arms and tells him she knew he would always come back to her.
This is the second scene James Bamford was raving about between Stephen and Emily, the first of which was the hospital scene above. 


The SCPD searches for the body of the Green Arrow, all night long with Samanda Wattson of the FBI leading the charge. You can see her in Juliana’s Instagram story


I think they finally find a mangled body, and the autopsy report comes back with the aide of one super hacker to identify the masked vigilante as Tommy Merlyn. 


If my old speculation is correct and Christoper Chance disguised himself as Tommy Merlyn and presented himself at Oliver’s trial in 6×21 to negate the accusation that Oliver had murdered Tommy, to prove Oliver’s innocence, then by that feat alone, the defense would have proven the existence of Tommy Merlyn.


So since Jean Loring had presented the city with a live Tommy in 6×21, he would be the perfect scapegoat for Oliver to pin the Green Arrow mask on. He had disappeared for 5 years, and he suddenly showed up, it would make perfect sense that he had been in hiding playing vigilante in order to atone for Malcom’s “Undertaking” sins. There is also the fact the Oliver had always claimed close contact with the Green Arrow, wouldn’t it fit the bill perfectly if the GA had been non other than Oliver Queen’s best friend Tommy Merlyn come back to serve his city?

And look who just posted himself dressed as the Green Arrow? I bet this was filmed when Collin showed up for 6×21.  They filmed it to show to the City an image doctored by Felicity that puts Tommy in the GA suite!


Just like Oliver was implicated in an image doctored by Cayden James in 6×01,


 he will be cleared by an image doctored by Felicity Smoak to put Tommy’s face in the suite and clear Oliver

By next morning, everyone is present at SCPD, where an ensuing investigation into the past nights events occurs where Oliver shows up with his wife alive and well to prove that he is not the deceased or missing Green Arrow. They probably even call in Oliver to identify Tommy’s body!

Black Siren is either dead or under arrest.  Sara comes in order to comfort her father or escort BS back to her earth!

Since Diaz is under arrest by the FBI, there is only one person left who can implicate Oliver as the Green Arrow. Its his long time friend Anatoly.

I think Dinah Drake, who Lance as mayor probably instates as the the acting chief of police bargains with Anatoly to grant him immunity from prison only if he testifies to the many crimes of Diaz while keeping Oliver’s secret identity of being the Green Arrow.  Anatoly makes the deal, his freedom for keeping Oliver’s secret, sealing Diaz’s “life sentence” and clearing Oliver Queen who is alive and well standing next to all on the podium at SCPD.


Season six ends after Oliver is cleared, the Green Arrow being identified as Tommy Merlyn is declared dead and Diaz is sentenced to a “life sentence”; leaving the audience to debate what happens next to Oliver Queen?  He is no longer mayor and he has just essentially killed his own alter-ego, very much like season 3.  But this Oliver has a pregnant wife and child who have roots in Star city and hopefully a successful company his wife is working on.  He no longer has the option to put Felicity and William in a convertible and drive into the sunset.  That ship has long sailed. He must stay and face the consequences of his decision and his family’s future in Star City. 

What will Oliver Queen do? That is the cliffhanger I expect we will see!

 What happens in 7×01?  What did Stephen Amell mean when he said that whatever happens can’t be undone?

Did he mean the pregnancy and baby? very possibly

KC leaving Arrow? Most likely!

Not resurrecting the Green Arrow from the dead? hmm… maybe! 😉

Well, let’s test this theory, shall we?

Fast forward to 7×01, five
months pass and Star City has seen no signs of the Green Arrow, while Oliver is living with Felicity and William.
People get hurt, bad things happen, and not everyone believes that the
Green Arrow has really died.  The death stunt
may be working for the police, FBI and media, but not all of Star City’s
citizens are convinced, neither are its criminals, that the Green Arrow is
really dead; especially if no corpse was found or the evidence was inconclusive.  Anyways, some citizens may even tell Oliver
that they won’t believe he is not the Green Arrow until they see it with their
own eyes.   Criminal activity may also
begin to rise due to the disappearance of its guardian emerald archer, and there
maybe a public outcry as to why Oliver Queen is letting the City suffer and not
rising to it’s protection as their hero.

Still afraid for his family, not willing to reprise the Green Arrow from the dead,  Oliver and
Felicity ask Roy to take up the mantle of the GA to provide visual physical evidence that
Oliver is not the hooded vigilante in order to convince the people of the city. Whether Roy is seen as a new vigilante who took up the GA
mantle, or the original GA come back, it will provide an extra layer of
protection for Oliver and his family.

Roy Harper returns to
dress up as the Green Arrow and to perform public acts of heroism in the
presence of Oliver.

Can you imagine: Oliver and Felicity are at
Bed Bath and Beyond, the cashier gets held at gun point, and in comes the Green Arrow parkour to save them!  The media would have
a field day.  It would be hilarious fun, very comic book GA and at that moment when the GA first meets Oliver, Oliver is
sporting a goatee while the GA being Roy is clean shaven!


Oliver and Roy
continue to play this game at several publicly documented incidents to be filmed
by TV cameras and Newspapers until Star city believes that Oliver is not only
Not-the-GA, but that he is merely a citizen in need of the GA’s help. 

 So true to Stephen’s words, Oliver faking the GA’s death, is never undone, because
team Arrow continues to indulge the people, with Roy leading the charge.

Until one day, when there is no doubt, when the world believes, when no one is noticing, when the cameras are off and the hound dogs are asleep, in the deep of night cover, Oliver Queen dons the Hood
again. He slips back unnoticed to guard his city, being the Green Arrow again, technically never “Undoing” the
death by Diaz belief while protecting his loved ones and never risking their lives by association with the Green Arrow ever again!

The End!

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