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“I think that you will see some very, very new and exciting characters in season seven; characters that have a canon in DC”

Stephen Amell at Supernova Comic Con

Why Stephen Amell Wants The ‘Arrow’ Writers To…

Why Stephen Amell Wants The ‘Arrow’ Writers To Live Like There’s No Tomorrow In Season 7:

In Amell’s view, the cleaning of Arrow’s slate on the way into season six was a necessary step to move forward, and not only because the fifth season – with its cyclical conclusion of the flashback storylines that had shared time with the present-day narrative since the show’s first episode – symbolised the conclusion of the first ‘volume’ of the Arrow mythos, but because being freed from that initial framework’s grasp allowed the creative team the room to stop looking backwards and begin laying the seeds for adventures still to come.


Arrow starts filming on July 6th in Vancouver.



“I think some of the stuff is just…some of these fans are talking about “Oh I would love to see…” yeah they’ll see it. “Wow it’s time to see, why don’t try…” Yeah we’re going to try it. It’s kind of, to some degree, answering some of the things I think fans want to see. And I think in other ways, taking it in directions the fans would never have thought of. And really to Marc and Wendy’s credit, and to Beth’s credit, for season six, I think we ended in a way people didn’t think we were going to end it. There was no big bad guy ending finding justice, it’s continuing into season seven, putting Oliver in the prison and all that. I mean, that was a risky for our show.”

David on how Beth handles things a lot differently than previous showrunners

‘Arrow’ Star Teases Oliver and Diggle’s Reunio…

‘Arrow’ Star Teases Oliver and Diggle’s Reunion:

Arrow’s sixth season ended with a major status change for Team Arrow when Oliver Queen was taken off to prison in exchange for help stopping Ricardo Diaz. However, one of the show’s stars doesn’t think Oliver will be away from the team for long.

In an appearance at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia this weekend, David Ramsey told fans that he expected that his character, John Diggle, and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) would be reunited sooner rather than later.

“You know they’ll get back together soon,” Ramsey said. “My man can’t stay away from me too long. My boo boo gotta come home.”

Arrow Season 7 – EVERYTHING We Know So Far by …

Arrow Season 7 – EVERYTHING We Know So Far by Pagey




“…Oliver’s time in prison will be hard, and many things will happen while there….”

David Ramsey at Oz Comic Con (Melbourne)

Arrow Marc Guggenheim on that tragic finale lo…

Arrow Marc Guggenheim on that tragic finale loss:


The hero got arrested. The show’s moral center was killed. The bad guy got away. All in all, it was a pretty rough season finale for Arrow



Thanks to Oz-Comic Con, Spotlight Report had the chance to have a great chat with Arrow star David Ramsey ahead of Oz Comic-Con Melbourne 2018.

Mr. Ramsey , was cool enough to share with us about his time on Dexter as well as giving us some hints about what to expect from Arrow Season 7