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“There’s a real element in the premiere, where he just does the opposite of what people would expect. If somebody’s in trouble, Oliver would try to help them, and there’s just a moment in the premiere where you expect him to be heroic and he’s the exact opposite of that. That’s been a lot of fun to play. I guess the tag line would be that “there are no heroes in prison.” They are just prisoners in there, and it’s just getting by. And getting by, to him, and having an opportunity way down the line to eventually get back to his family… it just takes priority over everything else, and leads him down some questionable path”

Stephen Amell | GreenArrowTV 10/10/2018

Stephen Amell Previews #Arrow Season 7

Stephen Amell Previews #Arrow Season 7:

In anticipation of the seventh season of Arrow which premieres Monday, October 15 on The CW, GreenArrowTV’s Craig Byrne was able to interview the man himself, the actor who brings the Emerald Archer to life… Stephen Amell… with hopes of answering some of your burning questions about Season 7.


What’s Oliver’s like with the team when he gets out of prison — what is his relationship with the population of Star City? He’s outed now; he outed himself. What does that mean? We have to respect the enormity of that decision. He can’t live in that apartment anymore, because he’s the Green Arrow and everybody knows it. What are those dynamics? I’m very interested to see.

Stephen Amell | Variety 10/10/2018

Me too!!!


We start with him versus everyone else. He starts to gain a few allies along the way. Some people we’re meeting for the first time, some people we’ve seen on the show. Prison is never what it seems. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse, it’s obviously going to get a lot worse.

It’s been fun, as an actor, [because in the past] Oliver would immediately try to problem-solve, be heroic, try to help the less fortunate. Prison, and his desire to just get through it and eventually get back to his family, make him act the opposite of what people would expect.

Stephen Amell | Variety (Oct. 10, 2018)

#Arrow season 7: Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Ric…

#Arrow season 7: Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards on Olicity |

Arrow‘s seventh season has been an unusual one for stars Stephen
Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, who play the long-running CW drama’s central romantic couple Oliver and Felicity, a.k.a. Olicity.


Even at his best, he had a tendency to be very dictatorial. He [Oliver] hasn’t really understood the psyche of a criminal. So hopefully he comes out with a better understanding of the types of people he’s dealing with. And hopefully that helps him, if he gets out, be a better person, a better hero.

Stephen Amell | Variety 10/10/2018

Stephen Amell on ‘Arrow’ Season 7 Changes and …

Stephen Amell on ‘Arrow’ Season 7 Changes and Advice for Ruby Rose – Variety:

“I will say from a collaboration standpoint, it’s been really good,” Amell tells Variety of the show’s new leadership. “Beth has empowered producers and writers of specific episodes; they’ve been on set every day. They have the ability to be the producer and the decision maker — in conjunction with the director and actors — for that episode.”

Amell also shares that he has ideas both for Oliver and “the show at large” that the writers are implementing, which has been “really lovely and flattering.”

#Arrow Showrunner Teases Olicity Obstacles in …

#Arrow Showrunner Teases Olicity Obstacles in Season 7 | TV Guide:

It wouldn’t be Arrow without some good, old Olicity angst, and Season 7 promises to provide it by putting a bunch of prison walls between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett
Rickards) this year.


This season feels very different. It feels very bold. It feels like, in my mind, it’s taking one of the things we did in Season 4, where we introduced [a tease] someone was in the grave. It’s not doing anything like that, but that to me always felt like a bold choice.

Even when we introduced Caity Lotz’s character, you think the biggest thing is going to be her seeing [her father] Quentin, so we’re not going to do that for a very long time. And then all of a sudden it happens. It feels like we’re making a lot of those choices, and that’s been very, very invigorating for me, because I never want to be safe. I’m of the mindset if you have a good idea, let’s do it. Season 8 is promised to no one. It’s been very refreshing, and it feels like we’re pushing the envelope this year.

Stephen Amell | Variety 10/10/2018

Arrow Trailer | Interesting screencaps

The new vigilante? The hood is different… Roy?

Are Laurel and Dinah now besties?

Mr Terrific interested in the Fine Arts?? Alexandre Cabanel?

The Silencer in action!

William with the Hozen… Or the Arrow Totem from the Outsiders War?

Kodiak, Red Dart and The Silencer stealing some sort of chemical weapon/virus?

Red Dart in action!

Wild Dog’s doppelganger? 

ARGUS raid – Gotcha!

Anatoly is back!! Yay!

Is Rene now an FBI agent?

Kodiak in action