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“Oliver will find himself vulnerable in a way unlike ever before when a mysterious new enemy begins to unravel his work as Green Arrow, forcing him to redeem his name or risk losing everything…”

Season 7 – Series description

A season of redemption?

‘Arrow’ Star Teases Oliver and Diggle’s Reunio…

‘Arrow’ Star Teases Oliver and Diggle’s Reunion:

Arrow’s sixth season ended with a major status change for Team Arrow when Oliver Queen was taken off to prison in exchange for help stopping Ricardo Diaz. However, one of the show’s stars doesn’t think Oliver will be away from the team for long.

In an appearance at Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne, Australia this weekend, David Ramsey told fans that he expected that his character, John Diggle, and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) would be reunited sooner rather than later.

“You know they’ll get back together soon,” Ramsey said. “My man can’t stay away from me too long. My boo boo gotta come home.”


“…Oliver’s time in prison will be hard, and many things will happen while there….”

David Ramsey at Oz Comic Con (Melbourne)


Slabside Island Maximun Security Prison | DC Comics

“The Slab” as it’s best known is a metahuman prison. It was originally located in New Jersey, but moved to Antarctica after the disastrous riots of “The Joker’s Last Laugh”. The facility’s first warden was Shilo Norman a superhero known as Mister Miracle III, a highly qualified escapist and skilled fighter with amazing reflexes. He puts his knowledge of escape artistry to use as the security chief at the Slab.

I hope we get Shilo Norman as the warden next season and also some interesting superhuman stories interact with Oliver during his jail time


“I think that it’s going to be…we can’t go bigger than we went last year, so we’re going more specific… . We are gonna introduce a new storytelling technique that I’m really excited about. All that I can say.”

Stephen Amell |

I bet he is talking about parallels between what’s happening in prison and outside in the city


“Regardless of how much Ollie’s current woes may be the result of systemic corruption in Star City, the fact remains that he’s been breaking the law nightly for the past six years of his life. The prosecutor wasn’t wrong when she accused him of hiding behind others and failing to take responsibility for his crimes. Ollie let Roy take the fall in Season 3, and now he’s dragged Tommy’s name through the mud in order to clear his own. At several points it felt like this episode was building to that critical moment of realization where Ollie finally accepted responsibility and chose to tell the truth.”

– Arrow: “DOCKET NO. 11-19-41-73” – Review

Indeed. IMO, to get Star City’s and everyone’s respect, Oliver needs to pay for his mistakes and take responsibility of his past acts. I think he should go to prison and emerge a different man for him, his family and Star City.


Arrow | Season Finale Spoilers and Speculations

I check the Arrow 6×23 in IMDB and found interesting information regarding casting on this episode (take this info with a grain of salt since this site is not very reliable)

If the entries are right, we’ll have some interesting returns (or maybe justa on flashbacks).

Vigilante, who I think is not dead and will return eventually… Maybe on this episode he’ll be in flashbacks with Caydem and Boots that for sure are dead.

If Felicity’s parents come back, I think they will be accompanying her daughter after Oliver goes to prison and when she moves with William to her old home in Ivy Town, hence the presence of The Hoffmans in the episode

Just speculating here… 🤔

What do you think?


“Oliver Queen is a hero. He is. He’s saved this city more times than anybody can count, but he’s done it all from behind a mask so that he could take the law into his own hands. In fact, he’s taken as many lives as he’s saved. So, yes, Oliver Queen is a hero, but that doesn’t mean he’s not also a criminal”

– Words heard during Oliver Jonas Queen’s trial | Arrow 6×21

Oliver is indeed a criminal. He needs to pay for his sins (go to jail) and make a comeback as a guilty- free man and then start the life he wants with his family




Finale theory

I really can’t wait for this season to be over. Purely so my brain can take a hiatus from theorising about what’s going to happen.

I have a new idea about the finale and it has to do with William. This is purely speculation, so bear with me.

I’ve posted a couple of specs about this season which have grown from the Slade/Oliver scene in 6×01 where he talks about Oliver having to make a choice between being the hero the city needs, and the father his son needs. I then posted about the scene between Oliver and Agent Watson in 6×07 where she talks about the time of Vigilantes being over and that you can’t be a hero if you hide in the shadows, avoiding responsibility and culpability. She then asked him what his son thinks about it all.

I was thinking about the spoilers for 6×21 with ‘Tommy’ taking the guise of Green Arrow and how I think we will see Oliver be exonerated.

Then in 6×22 Felicity is in danger with Diaz and a lot of people are thinking that Oliver will make a deal with Watson to protect his wife. Something along the lines of their help with Diaz and he’ll turn himself in.

However, something started to click with me.


What kind of example is Oliver setting by letting someone else take responsibility for his actions? Ultimately what does it matter if it keeps him out of prison, right? But becoming a parent is a tricky experiment of trying to get the right balance in the example you set your child. Is Oliver being the kind of father his son needs, or is he sacrificing that role to be the hero the city needs?

Can he do both?

Can he be a good father and a good hero? Can he finally balance his two world’s?

Making the deal with Watson might be for the good of the city, and also a way for him to show his son what is right from wrong.

Thus becoming the martyr that Diaz feared him to be.

Anyway, this is what my brain chooses to think about at 3.45am. I need sleep.

I love this @jules85

“Kill him, and you martyr him. You make him a legend. But break him, humiliate him, terrify him, and hold him up for the world to see? Then he’s nothing but a man.“— Scarecrow, Batman: Arkham Knight

If Oliver gets taken away fighting for the City, it can create a powerful symbol for others to rally around. The Green Arrow work may not have been all that effective or appreciated while he was doing it, but once he goes to prison for it, the City takes notice and begins to agree with him, and possibly rise up. 

Smart villains are aware of this and take efforts to avoid it. Watson, although not an official villain, in her pursuit of vigilantes has missed this revelation!

So maybe that’s how he gets out in 7×01? The people demand the return of their hero back to them?

Bravo! Great post @jules85 @almondblossomme I’m totally sold to this theory. Worth multiple reblogs!

For season 7, I just would add that Oliver’s comeback will be arranged by ARGUS, who David Ramsey revealed would have an important role in S7

we know Oliver was an “ARGUS asset” during his “5 years in hell” so I see feasible Diggle recruiting him for difficult important missions (or maybe just a big one) in exchange of a shorter sentence, time with his family and the opportunity to clean up his name.

I think having Oliver in jail surrounded by villains would provide writers with some juicy meat to come up with very compelling storylines, specially if people like Anatoly, Brick and even Cupid are there too.

This is the Arrow I want to see. I hope the series management changes give us a great S7 🤞


“There is, importantly, a backup plan in place for Felicity and William in the event that he is sent to prison… It’s not as though he’s simply going to leave them in Star City when it’s being overrun by a criminal enterprise.”

Stephen Amell talks about Oliver’s worst-case scenario plans | TVLine

I see him sending them to Ivy Town…