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olivergifs: We’re gonna die here. Live Vs Su…


We’re gonna die here.

Live Vs Survive… #Arrow Parallels

smoakmonster: – the count of monte cristo, ch…


– the count of monte cristo, chapter 8





Even at his best, he had a tendency to be very dictatorial. He [Oliver] hasn’t really understood the psyche of a criminal. So hopefully he comes out with a better understanding of the types of people he’s dealing with. And hopefully that helps him, if he gets out, be a better person, a better hero.

Stephen Amell | Variety 10/10/2018


Your father shot him? Then what? Like he doesn’t matter in this story, just collateral damage? People without the last name Queen are human beings, too.

They have hopes, dreams, lives.

Your father wasn’t a hero.

Mr. Queen, he was a murderer.

He condemned you.

He is gone, but here you are caught in the same vicious cycle, paying for his crimes.

– Jarrett Parker, chief psychiatrist on Level Two | Arrow 7×04

I’m hearing someone who doesn’t want to take r…

– Jarrett Parker, chief psychiatrist  to Oliver  | Arrow 7×04


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WILLIAM CLAYTON & ROY HARPER – Arrow Season 7 Episode 4

felicitysmoakgifs: If Diaz taught me anything…


If Diaz taught me anything, it’s patience. He waited thirty years to get revenge on one person.




During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, which was held at the Warner Bros. Television offices in Los Angeles, actor Echo Kellum, aka Mr. Terrific, talked about the changes of Season 7 and what new showrunner Beth Schwartz brings to the show, what it’s like to be living his dream of becoming a superhero, getting to be a part of Team ARGUS, whether Curtis prefers to be in front of the computer or out in the field, the dynamic between Curtis and Felicity, what’s it meant to him to work with Emily Bett Rickards, how Curtis feels about the new Green Arrow, his involvement in the upcoming “Elseworlds” cross-over episode, and his dream mission for his character.