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‘Arrow’: Could SPOILER Really Have Been Cayden…

‘Arrow’: Could SPOILER Really Have Been Cayden James’ Son?:


Since her and Oliver’s impromptu wedding, Arro…

Since her and Oliver’s impromptu wedding, Arrow hadn’t really given us Felicity as supportive wife/new stepmom, but Emily Bett Rickards made the wait very well worth it this week, as a crestfallen William needed parental guidance. As Felicity counseled Oliver, by pointing out that all she ever wanted from her (evil hacktivist) father was “the truth,” Rickards — with warm looks and her physicality — communicated the deepest connection ever between the newlyweds. And then there was her wonderful (and convincing) monologue, as Felicity and William eavesdropped on a Team Arrow op. “This is what [Oliver] does best — and nobody does it better,” Felicity explained. “So you can worry about your dad, but you have to believe that he’s going to be OK. Because that’s the only way this works.” And Felicity would know.

One year ago this very day right here in Star …

One year ago this very day right here in Star City, you missed your intended target, but your arrow found its way into my boy.

William, the next Arrow hero??



It clearly runs in the family (both his dad and his aunt), but the latest episode of Arrow might have been hinting towards a future emerald archer. [That or I could just be over analyzing things–as usual.] Here are some clues that William could be the next hero on Arrow (or an eventual hero).

1. The skills: In this episode he had a better shot than Oliver while playing with the toy bow and arrow.

2. The smarts: According to Felicity he’s understanding the math of a 12th grade AP student.

3. The heart: He stands up to a bully (by picking up his book and continues to read), but saves the same guy in the moment of distress. He has no hesitation and goes into instant leader mode-putting all before him-and they listened. Oliver would definitely be proud.


This episode showed us some promising qualities in William that could make him a potential superhero on the show, whether it be behind a computer or out in the field. And now that he knows Oliver is back to being the green arrow and understands why he needs to be out on the streets, this could be another thing for the two to bond over. 






‘Arrow’: Did You Catch This ‘Lost’ Easter Egg?

‘Arrow’: Did You Catch This ‘Lost’ Easter Egg?:

For those who are not familiar, Emerson played Ben Linus, the leader of the Others on the television series Lost. When audiences first meet him in the show’s second season, he introduces himself as Henry Gale, a man from Minnesota who crashed on the island while traveling in a hot air balloon. On Arrow, when Cayden James meets with Oliver at the mayor’s office, he introduces himself as Ben Gale, a mashup of the actor’s character names on Lost.

felicitysmoakgifs: What your dad does, it’s—i…


What your dad does, it’s—it’s very dangerous, and heroes don’t always make it home. I never forget that.

westallenolicitygifs: “This is what he does b…


“This is what he does best, and nobody does it better. What your dad does, it’s… very dangerous. And heroes don’t always make it home. I never forget that. But, I’ve loved your dad from the first time he brought me a bullet-riddled computer. That was a long time ago, which means I’ve loved him for a long time, which means I’ve worried about him for a long time. And he hasn’t always been truthful. He’s lied. He’s kept secrets. He’s not perfect. This life… it’s not ideal. But he makes his sacrifices, so we have to make ours. I sometimes think to myself that that’s what makes this love digger than other kinds of love. I know it sounds cheesy, but it does because we can’t take things for granted. We have to live with the fear and the uncertainty that everything can be taken from us in an instant. Cause that’s the price we pay for choosing the people that we love. Everything he does, he does for a good reason. Or what he thinks is a good reason. So…

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