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“I hope that it’s because it’s honest and working towards a place of what we all sort of want and where we can see ourselves bettering ourselves,” Rickards told TV Guide. “I don’t know what the magic equation is to writing something that hits somebody at a certain time. We’re so grateful. I mean, I really like them as a couple, I’m pro-them as a couple. I think the way that they communicate and talk to each other is about them growing. That’s not always interesting to watch on TV… it’s not always great to watch happy things on TV all the time, even comedy has very dark themes, but there is such a purpose towards them working as a couple and working through it. I hope that’s what grounds people to their relationship.”

Showrunner Beth Schwartz says their marriage will definitely be tested in upcoming episodes. “For their arc [this season], what I like about it the most is we’re really going for the real struggles in marriage, so that’s kind of where we’re approaching their relationship. It’s going to feel really authentic,” Schwartz told TV Guide.

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What kind of ways are you guys finding to still create that relationship even though Oliver and Felicity can’t really be together right now?

Rickards: I think the main part of a relationship is talking and communicating. And knowing somebody through and through is sort of knowing when they’re at their worst and accepting when they’re at their worst, when they don’t feel accomplished and those sort of things. They’re both fighting for so much at such a visceral, animalistic place, which is survival. I think that’s the hardest place to probably resonate from. They know each other very well, but the space part is going to change them. It’s kind of like trying to predict where somebody’s headed when that person can’t even predict it themselves, which is going to be extremely interesting on the other side.

When they do reunite, will their relationship have shifted in any way?

Rickards: Yeah, I think there’s definitely going to be a fracture. There already was, Felicity’s already said, “You’ve decided — Oliver’s decided to do this alone. It didn’t include me.” There’s already a fracture, so where do we move from that?

Any teases for fun Olicity scenes coming up?

Rickards: Reunion? I don’t know if there’s things that are fun, so everyone loves watching that. But there are Olicity moments, it’s just going to be different now. Life changes.


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“It has to happen, because the crux of Felicity’s desire and main objective and goal for this season is to be with her husband and if that doesn’t happen then, she’s going to light everything on fire and go to prison for arson”

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