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oliverdant: The Death of Larry Lance


The Death of Larry Lance

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In Episode 1×05, we can see that Oliver’s mugshot number is 73 1941. The character Green Arrow debuted in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941.

100 Arrow DC Comics Easter Eggs | 23 DAYS until the premiere of Season 7



Moira Queen in the comics | Green Arrow Rebirth

Superman and Green Arrow [Green Arrow – The Tr…


Superman and Green Arrow [Green Arrow – The Trap / 1995] – My Favorite DC Comics Panels

Felicity whereabouts… Spoilers!


As per recent spoilers, Felicity has been living and working in Hope Springs a town formerly known as Desolation (very appropriate name….)

In the comics, Hope Springs is a small mining town in West Virginia which was once part of the Mosaic World (a Green Lantern Series)

During the time it was called Desolation, the town was visited by Hal Jordan and Green Arrow 

Who is Red Dart?


In the comics, the first Red Dart was John “Midas” Mallory, who donned a costume to become Star City’s latest hero. He was later revealed to be a villain similar to Deadshot.

The second Red Dart was an unknown prisoner in Belle Reve who bought the name and equipment from the first Red Dart and started a mostly unsuccessful career. His greatest feat was the theft of Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern Ring (while Rayner was unconscious) in the middle of a prison riot and gave it to Prometheus to analyze, on the eve of Maggedon’s attack. He returned later the ring, on Prometheus’ orders.

In The New 52, Red Dart is a woman armed with trick darts and a member of the Longbow Hunters, a team of villains assembled by Richard Dragon. She teamed with Brick and Killer Moth in an attempt to collect a three-million-dollar bounty on Green Arrow, which they intended to split three ways. Although the trio put up a considerable fight, they were defeated by Green Arrow and his half-sister, Emiko.

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#24 | IRIS WEST – Arrow Easter Eggs

In Arrow episode 2×19, before the Flash series launch, Cisco Ramon mentions to Felicity that Iris West is Barry’s “something” and that she has visited Barry several times while in his coma.

In the comics, Iris West is a tough-as-nails journalist from Central City, who has a long and complicated history with Barry Allen. Before the New 52, she ultimately became Barry’s wife

100 Arrow DC Comics Easter Eggs | 24 DAYS until the premiere of Season 3 

Who is Kodiak? | DC Comics


Arrow Season 7

In the Green Arrow comics, Kodiak is The Leader of The Shield Clan and a High Ranking Member of The Outsiders, a secret society composed of various clans built around ancient totem weapons.  

In the series Green Arrow The Outsiders War,  Kodiak is sent to The Island to kill both Green Arrow and Shado who are in search of both The Arrow Clan and The Arrow Totem.

BTW, the Green Arrow The Outsiders War series is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it. Here is the description:

As Green Arrow discovers that his stranding on a desert island was more than just an accident, there seem to be more sinister forces at work behind all these sudden revelations. The Queen family is embroiled in a war generations old. A war of clans. A war of outsiders. 

You can buy it in Comixology (Amazon) for $10

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Blüdhaven is a fictional city in the DC Comics Universe that serves as a backdrop for the Nightwing comics series.

In #Arrow Episode 2×19 “The Man Under the Hood”, Isabel Rochev mentions that she and Slade found Roy in a shelter in Blüdhaven. In Season 1 episode 1×04 “An Innocent Man”, Oliver threatens Matt Istook handcuffing him to the rail tracks of a train going to Blüdhaven . In a later episode, “The Undertaking”, Oliver rescued Walter Steele from a building where he was kept prisoner in Blüdhaven

In S5, Tobias Church and his crew tore up Blüdhaven.

In S6, Ricardo Diaz visited Eric Cartier’s night club, asking to meet with The Quadrant. He later returned after an assassination attempt, tying up Cartier and beating him.

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#26 | Arrow DC Comics’ Easter Eggs – “The Terminator”

#100ArrowDCComicsEasterEggs | 26 days until the premiere of Season 7

In the comics Deathstroke was originally introduced as “the Terminator”, a mercenary who was completing the terms of a contract undertaken by his son Ravager from the Titans comics

Due to his popularity, Deathstroke received his own series, Deathstroke the Terminator, in 1991. It was retitled Deathstroke the Hunted for issues #0 and #41–45; and then simply Deathstroke for issues #46–60. The series was cancelled with issue #60. In total, Deathstroke ran for 65 issues n(#1–60, plus 4 annuals and a special #0 issue).

Even though the character of Deathstroke the Terminator predates James Cameron’s film The Terminator by four years, the Slade Wilson character is now simply called Deathstroke, even by characters who had called him Terminator for decades. The full title has not completely fallen out of use, having been referenced as recently as the Justice League serie