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“Jackhammer” from the “Demolition Team” from e…

“Jackhammer” from the “Demolition Team” from episode 4×14 (Code of Silence) is coming back to Arrow 7×01


“(Ricardo Diaz) is furious about Oliver’s attack on his gang. When we see him again he is not going to be very happy. He’ll definitely be out for blood”

Arrow EP Beth Schwartz | TV Guide SDCC 2018 Edition

oliverdant: #90 – FELICITY SMOAK’S HAIR In t…



In the FIRESTORM comics, FELICITY SMOAK is a of a computer software firm, and serves as a supporting character for the superhero FIRESTORM.

In Episode “Home Invasion”, FELICITY mentions to OLIVER that she dyes her blonde hair. This is perhaps a nod to her character from the comics, who wasn’t a blonde.

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#DCTV: Everything We Know About Next Arrowver…

#DCTV: Everything We Know About Next Arrowverse Season




“We also see Roy – Aka the former vigilante Arsenal – being a hero in a different sort of way…”

Beth Schwartz to TV Guide / SDCC 2018 Edition


“I [Cody Rhodes] got called to do a TV show [Arrow], hopefully we can break that news soon… It doesn’t affect my wrestling dates at all, which means I’ll be burning things at both ends, but production is going to fly me to every show I had on the books. I’m not missing a damn thing. It’s exactly the type of career I was looking into. I was looking at my two-year plan yesterday for what I want, maybe move into a feature length film, but also keep everything I have with wrestling, because if I lose the wrestling part of my identity then I don’t have a clue who I am anymore. I’m very happy about it, but they said no on the blonde.”

Cody Rhodes talks |



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In #Arrow Ep 2×15 “The Promise” Oliver mentioned that his middle name was Jonas, which matches his middle name in the comics.

#​100ArrowDCComicsEasterEggs Countdown to Season Premiers

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