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Sooooo the robot being named Amazo…

being created by a company called IVO….

Deeper meaning or just a fun easter egg during the topsy turvy mixed up Elseworlds ongoings? 

The android Amazo was created by scientist Professor Ivo, who became obsessed with immortality. The original Justice League of America (Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and the Martian Manhunter) discover their powers have been drained and appear to be used in the theft of certain long-lived creatures. Attempting to guard the remainder of the creatures and discover the perpetrator, the League is defeated by Amazo.

oliverdant: #40 || THE AMAZO AMAZO was the …


#40 || THE AMAZO

AMAZO was the name of the ship where Oliver spent most of his time during his second year “lost”. On board and in charge was Dr. Anthony Ivo who wished to seek out the Mirakuru, located on a lost submarine somewhere around the island.

In the comics, AMAZO was created by Professor Ivo with revolutionary Absorption Cell Technology. An android can replicate the powers of any metahuman he encounters.

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