EW has learned that “Elseworlds” will also feature the DC Comics character Roger Hayden, better known as the supervillain Psycho-Pirate. Played by guest-star Bob Frazer (The 100), the character will appear in the Arrow and Supergirl installments of the crossover as an inmate at Arkham Asylum, which just happens to be where Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), the Flash (Grant Gustin), and Supergirl (Mellisa Benoist) will cross paths with Jeremy Davies’ Dr. John Deegan.

For the uninitiated, Psycho-Pirate is a character with a confusing comic book history. All you really need to know about the character is that his gold Medusa Mask gives him the power to manipulate people’s emotions, and, more importantly, he always somehow manages to play an important role in DC’s biggest multiverse stories. In fact, he was one of the only characters to remember the multiverse after it was erased by the epic crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths (a.k.a. the story that The Flash has been hinting at with a future newspaper since its pilot).