Arrowverse Crossovers | Speculations


I am almost sure that most Arrow characters that we are going to see during the crossovers are coming from other Earths…

We are getting a different Green Arrow suit… Oliver in tights? A feather hat? 😬

A possible John (Stewart) Diggle’s Green Lantern suit?

Stephen teased someone we know was getting in a new suit (initial thoughts were Lyla – Harbinger) now I’m thinking could also be Diggle as John Stewart 🤞

David is cryptic an very excited with his role in the crossover …Me too! 🤓

Will this opening scene in a dinner be Oliver Queen, his best friend Diggle (Green Lantern?) and Barry Allen?

There is this an iconic one from The Flash/Green Lantern – “The Brave and the Bold” I would really want to see…Check it out!

The best part is that this scene happens after Barry bailed Oliver and Hal out of jail…