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In the comics, Felicity Smoak was the manager of a computer software firm in New York City. During one of the numerous metahuman battles that take place in Manhattan, the Firestorm inadvertently magnetized an expensive cache of software programs. This nearly destroyed Felicity’s business and was one of several incidents in which she found herself enraged at the reckless hero. Firestorm retaliated against Felicity’s accusatory behavior by transforming her clothes into soap suds. As a result, Felicity brought a lawsuit against Firestorm. During this time, Felicity developed a romantic relationship with reporter Ed Raymond. She had no idea that Ed’s son Ronnie comprised one-half of the Firestorm gestalt entity. Over time, Felicity and Ed fell deeply in love and were married. After her wedding to Ed Raymond, Felicity learned the truth about Ronnie Raymond’s dual identity, but by this point, she had forgiven him for his past transgressions and came to support his career as Firestorm.

Recently DC Comics, relaunch the character (now inspired by the series) is in the current  Green Arrow 35 and  the new Arrow 2.5

On Arrow, Felicity makes her first appearance as an IT tech at Queen Consolidated that Oliver Queen asks for help. She is an expert hacker and helps Oliver several times (unknowingly) with his Vigilante business, before Oliver finally goes to her for help after he had gotten shot. After learning about his secret identity, Felicity joins Oliver’s team.

Felicity’s one-time-only-appearance minor character became a recurring character who grew in importance until she became one of the very few people he trust and be himself with.

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