Last night’s episode’s reveals about Barry being missing for at least 25 years made me think of some of the Final Crisis comic stuff with Barry and Iris. Final Crisis takes place after Crisis on Infinite Earths, but
I’m not sure how long after. Barry has been gone for a long time.
In Final Crisis –
Rogue’s Revenge issue 1

Iris is
looking at pictures of the past, her and Barry etc and crying. Then


Apparently it’s Barry!

I’m not sure what the correct reading order is, but in issue 3 of the main story you see Jay telling Iris about seeing Barry


‘They said he was dead…All these years…and I knew, knew he’d never been outsmarted before.

Not my Barry.’

In issue 2 of Final Crisis: Rogue’s revenge you see her talking about it


‘I could feel it before Jay even told me Joan. When the lightning struck, a wave of static washed over everything. I could hear it crackle. I thought I could even hear him. It was never like that with Jay or Wally. But when Barry ran by–

It was always electric.’

In Issue 4 of the main Final Crisis story, Barry and Iris finally reunite.

Iris has come under the influence of anti-life. Barry kisses her
(That’s when he says the: My Iris, it feels like I’ve waited a thousand lifetimes for this quote)

and she is no longer under the anti life control.