The Hōzen (宝箭)

The Hōzen (宝箭) is the arrowhead stone Oliver found around the neck of one of the corpses in the graves of Japanese soldiers on Lian Yu It is currently in the possession of Thea, after being given to her by Oliver as a gift. As Oliver explained to Thea, in Japanese Buddhism, the arrow or hōzen symbolizes reconnecting. Further more, it may also mean meeting true friends, and is also a weapon against the enemies of Buddhism, one that symbolizes the destruction of the passions.

The Hozen inscription on the back reads “毒箭不需要殺”, meaning “poisoned arrows do not need to kill”. The large character on the front “箭” simply means “arrow”.

In the “Pilot“ episode, Oliver gave his sister the Hōzen, in hopes of reconnecting with her after “coming back from the dead.” Also, to refute her suspicions that Oliver is the green hooded vigilante archer, Oliver told her in “Damaged” that he bought the Hōzen from a gift shop at the Beijing airport. About a year later, in “Identity”, Thea temporarily gave the Hōzen to Roy Harper, her boyfriend, as an ultimatum to fix his life before fixing things with her. Roy later returned the rock to symbolize his re-connection and desire to be with her.

Could the Hōzen William has be the The Arrow Totem from the Outsiders War?