oliverdant: #6 | MALCOLM MERLYN – “THE MAGICI…



During his first few years as Green Arrow, Oliver Queen’s heroic reputation captured another experienced bowman known as Arthur King, who was also taking up the stage name called Merlyn the Magician. Openly challenging Green Arrow to an archery duel, Merlyn found himself shocked when Green Arrow bested him. A loss that Arthur couldn’t accept properly and he was never seen again by the public after that. But his experiences with the bow took another turn when using his skills as a hired assassin, also sharpening them to be the greatest assassin. Arthur later found himself recruited into the League of Assassins.

On Arrow, Merlyn’s name is Malcolm and one of Oliver Queen’s most deadliest enemies and the main antagonist of many seasons of the series. Malcolm was trained with the League of Assassins, and known as Al Sa-Her “The Magician” and eventually became Ra’s al Ghul. During S1 he was known as the Dark Archer.

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