#7 – Oliver’s child | Arrow Easter Eggs

In S2 Ep. “Seeing reed” is revealed that a woman (later known as Samantha Calyton) had a very short affair (one-night-stand) with Oliver Queen. He ultimately got her pregnant, and was paid by Moira to pretend she’d lost it and move away to Central City.  Later Oliver discover his existence and tries to get close to him. When Samantha dies tragically Oliver gets full custody of William.

In the comics, Oliver Queen had a son, Connor, with a woman named Sandra Moonday Hawke. Years later, Connor Hawke becomes the second Green Arrow, one of the greatest martial artists in the DC Universe and an excellent archer. His father is Oliver Queen and his mother is a woman named Moonday Hawke. Queen abandoned him at an early age because he was not yet ready to be a father, but they rekindled their relationship later on in life and Connor forgave him. Growing up in an ashram, he was raised on Buddhist philosophy, although he has no problem with physical violence. He has been a member of Team Arrow and the Justice League.

Curiously, Milo Armitage, the arms-dealer (also a character on Arrow)  becomes Connor Hawke’s stepfather.

One last thing, it seems the Arrow writers chose the William’s name in homage to another legendary archer: William Tell…

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