oliverdant: #8 | TOMMY MERLYN In the New 52…



In the New 52 Comics, Tommy Merlyn was a close friend of Oliver Queen who was attending a party on The Apollo, an oil rig operated by Queen Industries, where Oliver was relegated by his father to do clerical work. The rig was taken over by Iron Eagle and his men who strapped bombs to the rig as well as most of the party guests though Merlyn managed to get himself and Ollie to safety. He tried to convince him to stop his assualt on the pirates, but Ollie refused to listen and caused the incident that blew up the rig. Horribly burned, he managed to cling to some flotsam and blamed Ollie for what had happened before seeming to die. He floated to an island where he was taken in and treated by robed figures who remark that he has ‘potential.’ Given the character’s history pre-Flashpoint, it’s likely that these are the League of Assassins.

On Arrow, Tommy also was Oliver’s best friend . However, when Tommy discovered Oliver’s secret, combined with Oliver and Laurel still loving each other, he became distant, mainly out of jealousy and anger. He was killed in “Sacrifice”, while he was saving Laurel’s life but made amends with Oliver before he died. His death served as the motivation for Oliver to become a hero

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