We haven’t fully discussed with the producers all the places we want to go for season seven… [A focus on family] is certainly one of them. The William/Felicity/Oliver relationship. Now, Lyla’s come back more involved as I’m involved with ARGUS. Roy has come back to the team. So, clearly, we’re moving into a place where even though we are wrapping up to the end of the season where you’re kind of isolating Oliver, that in the beginning of next season, obviously, you’ll start to see these very familiar family tightness, very personal relationships, come to the forefront. Arrow’s always been the one to kind of lift you up to put you down and to put you down to lift you up, right? We are wrapping up for next season, which, obviously, as you see we’re already preparing to bring these very familiar, very intimate, relationships back into the forefront. Roy, William, Oliver, Felicity, my wife, Lyla. So we’re wrapping up to that. And you can see it in the writing.“

David Ramsey recently told