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In the Comics, Moira Queen is married to millionaire industrialist Robert Queen and is the mother of Oliver Queen. The family was on safari in Africa hunting when the parents were both killed by lions. Oliver still blames himself for their deaths because he was too hesitant to pick up a weapon and hurt the animals.
In “Brightest Day”, Oliver runs into the ghost of his mother that tries to comfort her him, and encourages him not to push away those he loves.

In Arrow, Moira Dearden Queen was the mother of Oliver and Thea, the former acting CEO of Queen Consolidated, mayoral candidate and wife of Robert Queen and later Walter Steele. She also had a brief affair with Malcolm Merlyn, which resulted in Thea’s birth. She was involuntarily involved in a conspiracy orchestrated to destroy the “Glades”, she was arrested and then declared innocent . In Ep “Seeing Red” she is murdered by Slade Wilson as part of his own plot of revenge against Oliver, as she sacrifices herself to prevent Oliver from having to choose between her and Thea. In a flashback of the same episode it is revealed that she paid a woman who got pregnant with Oliver’s child to tell Oliver she lost the baby and move away never to speak to him again.

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