Sea Shimooka is in Arrow season 7. They haven&…

Sea Shimooka is in Arrow season 7. They haven’t announced it which makes me think they are keeping her character under wraps. Speculation says she is Emiko Queen, Oliver’s paternal half sister, and she came with Roy to star city to be the Green Arrow while he’s in prison after Thea found out about her while searching for the Lazarus pits and sent her there to help team Arrow. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Speculation says? Your speculation Nonnie? I haven’t heard much spec on this casting other than the actress was cast, but they aren’t announcing the character yet. Your theory sounds very plausible to me.

However, I will say I’ve been eyeing Katherine

McNamara’s character as possibly Oliver’s long lost sibling. 

Or maybe some version Mia Dearden (the second Speedy in the comics). As @callistawolf  explained to me, Kat’s character’s name is Maya which is a little too similar to Mia to ignore completely. Also Stephen has teased “it’s difficult to fight family” and the Maya character is described as an anti vigilante hunter/superhero slayer type. Oliver is a vigilante so it would be difficult to fight his anti vigilante sister. Or maybe this is all wrong. lol Who knows Nonnie? We’ll find out soon enough.