Just wanted to do a little shoutout to all the amazing gifmakers in the Arrow/Arrowverse/Olicity fandom, because honestly you make magic happen!

  • you give us the feels
  • you let us gaze endlessly upon the best moments
  • you make us crack up
  • you make us consider things in a new light
  • you point out details we never noticed before
  • you spark conversation, and basically help us maximize fandom enjoyment.

So, thank you to the following lovely individuals, and I know I’m leaving so many out by accident, so anyone please feel free to add to this list. (In fact I would appreciate it because I’m sure there are many creators out there I’m unaware of.)

This is very sweet and an awesome list of blogs to be included in. I have a lot of fun making gifs. I‘m happy when people enjoy them. Thank you so much! 😊