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#36 || THE LIST

In the Arrow pilot and other episodes of S1, we get a glimpses of the names in Oliver’s book. In the list we can find some notable DC Characters.
Here are some details of the ones we can see in the images captured above:

(S3 – Ep 10/11/12) Danny Brickwell aka Brick is a Star City crimelord and enemy of Green Arrow with great strength and impenetrable brick-like skin.

– (S1 Ep 2) – Martin N. Somers is the president and C.E.O. of Elevast, a company specialized in construction. He’s responsible of forcibly and illegally evicting people from the houses standing on the proposed site for his hotels.

(S2 – 11 episodes)  Isabel Rochev, also known as The Queen, is the new owner of Queen Industries and villainess of Green Arrow. 

Hannibal Bates (The Flash Season 1) was the very first subject of Lex Luthor’s Everyman Project, granting superpowers to ordinary people.

Not yet cast in the show:

Albert Davis appears in Green Arrow, and summons demons to try and protect Star City.

David Drayson, alias Slingshot is a psychotic and a cop-killer, he is one of Green Arrow’s most dangerous opponents. He was poor young man fixed with slings, who grew up in the area known as Swamp in Star City.