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What excites new showrunner Beth Schwartz most about having Oliver behind bars, shoulder-to-shoulder with many of the baddies he bested in the past, is “they’re all on the same playing field.” But wanting to be a model inmate and not make waves, Oliver will need to “make different moral choices because of the position he’s in.” Of course, since Oliver is the one who brokered the deal that traded his freedom for the feds’ help against Diaz — keeping wife Felicity in the dark — “He’s going to learn that might not have been the best idea!” says Schwartz. On the villain front, Diaz will resurface as “more of the Dragon” comic book character he’s based on, while the Longbow Hunters — an almost mythical band of assassins — will prove they are “in fact quite real.” As for Colton Haynes’ return as a series regular, Schwartz will only affirm that he is “definitely” playing the Earth-One Roy Harper that we know and Thea loves (loved?).

BONUS SPOILER!: Know how we previously reported that Felicity is coping the worst in the wake of Oliver’s imprisonment? Well, guess who is faring the best? “I would say Laurel,” Schwartz shares, confirming that the team’s Earth-Two frenemy is now Star City’s DA.

RETURN DATE: Monday, Oct. 15 at 8/7c (The CW)