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In #Arrow Ep 1×06, Tommy namedrops the DC comics citynn, Coast City. This City is best known as the home of Hal Jordan, one of Earth’s Green Lanterns and one of Oliver Queen’s best friends in the comics.

Coast City is located in California and is an urban center located less than half an hour from Edwards Air Force Base and twenty minutes from Fort Rock. It is, as mentioned above, the home of Hal Jordan and many of his friends and family.

Here are another mentions of the city so far:

In 2010, Oliver Queen boarded a ship bound for Coast City from Hong Kong.[2] For some time, Oliver remained in the city and began a brief stint as a vigilante, chasing around petty criminals before he was again tracked down by Amanda Waller. After drinks at a bar Amanda drugged him and forcibly returned him to Lian Yu as part of an A.R.G.U.S. mission.

McKenna Hall currently lives in Coast City with her sister, having relocated there from Star City in early 2013. Coast City is said to have the best physical therapy facility in the country, through which McKenna sought treatment after being shot by Helena Bertinelli, causing temporary paralysis.

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