Who is Kodiak? | DC Comics

Arrow Season 7

In the Green Arrow comics, Kodiak is The Leader of The Shield Clan and a High Ranking Member of The Outsiders, a secret society composed of various clans built around ancient totem weapons.  

In the series Green Arrow The Outsiders War,  Kodiak is sent to The Island to kill both Green Arrow and Shado who are in search of both The Arrow Clan and The Arrow Totem.

BTW, the Green Arrow The Outsiders War series is one of the best comics I’ve ever read. I highly recommend it. Here is the description:

As Green Arrow discovers that his stranding on a desert island was more than just an accident, there seem to be more sinister forces at work behind all these sudden revelations. The Queen family is embroiled in a war generations old. A war of clans. A war of outsiders. 

You can buy it in Comixology (Amazon) for $10