but also olicity + we’re brushing our te…

but also olicity + we’re brushing our teeth and we both went to spit and you spit on me guess who’s living on the couch for the next month

okay, i don’t have a title for this but here you go!!! also thank you for the advice and the prompt, bev. <3

It was just another Monday morning, like clockwork, Oliver and Felicity woke up early and started their morning routine and prepared themselves for what would undoubtedly be a long day, a long day littered with budget meetings with city officials, quarterly reports with board members, parent-teacher conferences and hunting down drug lords. It was their normal, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. After all they’ve been through, they savored the precious moments when they weren’t the Green Arrow and Overwatch, Mayor Queen and Smoak Tech CEO, but just Oliver and Felicity.

The two were currently preoccupied in their en-suite bathroom, their right arms in sync in a back-and-forth motion, Felicity in front of the sink, Oliver towering behind her, their height difference so perfectly on display.

“So I have that board meeting at 1 and I should finish just in time to make it to Will’s softball game,” Felicity said semi-coherently, the mixture of her own spit and toothpaste muffling her voice.

“And the budget meeting should finish up by 1:30 so I should meet you at the game,” Oliver replied in an equally muffled voice. Felicity nodded at his response.

Exhaustion was slowly seeping in between their bones, having been up later than usual during their vigilante activities, a standard patrol turning into a hostage situation. The fatigue was slowly catching up to Oliver, he wasn’t getting any younger anymore, as his eyes felt heavy and heavier.

Two things happened: his eyes felt droopy, slowly closing themselves, and he felt Felicity move forward to spit and followed behind her. The sounds of rushing water stopped as the bathroom fell silent and Oliver moved back upright.

“Um, Oliver?”

“Yes, honey,?” He asked, his eyes still closed, hoping this power nap, if he could even call it that, would will his body awake afterward. Moments later, he opened his eyes and did not meet the eyes of his beautiful blonde wife in the reflection before him. Instead, Felicity was crouched over the sink with one noticeable difference,  a glob of what seemed to be Oliver’s spit and residual toothpaste seeping through her blonde tresses.

Oliver’s eyebrows widened in surprise, “Oh my god, honey. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, do you think you could grab me the handtowel from there?” She asked wearily.

He grabbed the washcloth from the other side of the sink, maneuvered around his wife and wet the cloth and dabbed it against her head. She took it from his hands and finished the job.

“Felicity, honey, I’m so sorry. I didn’t even see. I was so tired, my eyes closed for a second,” Oliver apologized profusely.

She raised her upper half back up and turned to meet Oliver. “Oliver, sweetie, it’s okay. I get it. You’re tired. We’re both tired.”

Oliver released a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. “But don’t think you’re getting off that easy. Now, I have to shower and wash my hair.”

Felicity glanced at the shower to her right, “Now, I would say that you’re sleeping on the couch for ruining my hair and making me mess up my routine this morning….”

“But,”Oliver added hesitantly.

“But….” she smirked, “All can be forgiven if you join me in the shower and help me wash my hair.”

Oliver gave her a dirty grin, “Oh, is that so?”

“I mean you don’t have to,” Felicity replied. “Unless sleeping on the couch does suit you fine,” she said matter-of-factly.

She started heading towards the shower, taking her tank top and panties off before she opened the door, “The choice is yours.” She said winking and then closing the door behind her and turning the water on.

“Well, with an offer like that,” he said knowing she couldn’t hear him over the running water, he took his pajama pants and boxer briefs and joined her in the shower, showing her just how sorry he was. All was forgiven if Felicity’s enthusiasm was any indication afterward.

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