The team has broken up before, but someplace within four to six episodes they’re back together… I think that we’re really going to play this out. And to be totally frank, this is the type of thing you need in a season six or season seven of a show that goes for twenty-three episodes per season. This is what you need. You need people broken. You need real loss that’s not easily fixed… They’ll come back together – and listen, by the way, they come back together to work together even before all things are solved… We’re still after the same bad guy. It’s just these teams, new Team Arrow, Oliver Queen, John Diggle with A.R.G.U.S., they feel as if there’s more than one way to get them. But they come back together and work together as a unit to take down Diaz. So this isn’t a situation where you have these three entities existing in the same city kind of working their own angles. They come together. But in terms of just the original Team Arrow that people have kind of fallen in love with, that will take time to kind of fix. And part of the purpose is to get Oliver on an island by the end of this episode, get him alone….So they’re taking our heroes to a very secluded place.“

David Ramsey to