it’s always alarming to me that people joined tumblr after 2012 and have no idea what the site was like before they joined. they don’t know about “can you make this ask rebloggable?” and lolsummer69 and the tumbleasts and that week in 2010 when we all seriously thought 4chan would shut the site down. tumblr university and the glee/superwholock blogs vs hipster blogs ‘War’ are foreign concepts to them. they didn’t have to live through the mishapocalypse and people calling david karp “daddy” and the takedown of tumblr user pizza. they’ve never seen a 500k over-saturated gif with the topaz effect because they’ve always lived in a world where we had decent psds and photosets and the 2mb/3mb limit. the other day i saw someone confused because they didn’t understand a reference to the Tumblr Code post. there are users that think a tumblr con is a good idea. these kids know how to discourse but they don’t know their tumblr history and our suffering. “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it,” and i really can’t live through another era of gif stories and people calling others “peasant.”