Now I’m curious!

Now I’m curious!:



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Stephen says he’s good about having the writers address elephants in the room. They’ve been shooting 10, 11, & 12 and he made the writers tell a story he felt needed to be told and they hadn’t fully told.

What could it be? @almondblossomme @nalla-madness

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How did Laurel become a villain on Earth 2? What was her motivation?

Why does she hate Team Arrow so much?

What happened to Nyssa/Evelyn and Talia after the island explosion?

How did Cayden find out about Chase’s plan and know to send his minion to rescue Black Siren?

Is she just helping him for repayment or is it more?

Why is he going after Oliver and the team? What does he have to gain?

What happened to all the criminals Chase put away?

How did Chase find out about the island?

How did Chase find out where William is when Felicity couldn’t?

How did Oliver end up on the island after the Undertaking?

Why was Mei introduced in season 3?

How did Masaeo know how to seek the league?

What happened to Roy Harper?

Where does Nyssa live?

How did Nyssa rescue Sara?

What happened to the prisoners of the Amazo after they were marooned on Lian Yu?

How did Felicity end up with Billy?

What did Oliver tell Wiliam in all the times he visited as his mom’s friend?

What happened to Oliver and Thea’s shares in Queen Consolidated?  What happened to Felicity’s controlling shares of Palmer Tech?

What happened to the suicide squad? 

How did Talia find Oliver in season 5?  Why did she help him at all?

Where is Katana now?

Why did Nyssa not tell Oliver about the Pit cure before Thea was dying?

The one that bothers me the most: is how could Oliver collaborate with Malcom Merlyn in season 3 after all he had done to his dad, mom, Tommy, Thea, and Sara??

How could Felicity forgive him season 3 and get in the car and drive into the sunset with him??