The reason I went to Gen’s room that night, wa…

The reason I went to Gen’s room that night, was to tell her that it’s over, because… 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (2018) dir. Susan Johnson

juvinadelgreko: Hit me with your best 704 theo…


Hit me with your best 704 theories!!

This has got to be the episode in which he gets out. I’m sure the title is something related to getting out of Supermax. Why else would it be covered up?

In my humble opinion—

Oliver WILL NOT break out of prison. He knows this would get his family and friends at home arrested and that was the reason he went to prison in the first place—to keep that from happening.

My theories, from what I think is most to least likely:

My money’s on Watson being all like “Yo, Oliver, Star City/the country/the world/ has a crisis and only you can fix it.” And Oliver will give them help in exchange for full pardon.


And I think this is much less likely but Star City/the country will protest Oliver’s arrest and criminalization and demand he be pardoned. That would be a cool arc but I think it would take too much time to properly develop over the season and for that reason I think it’s highly unlikely.


And believe it or not my mom suggested this one while I was with her earlier. Oliver could fake his death Roy Harper style and escape that way but I think that’s highly unlikely because
1. It would force William and Felicity into hiding again.
2. It would be an exact repeat of what happened to Roy and that’s kind of lame IMO.
3. Oliver’s also a prominent public figure in Star City. Everyone knows who he is. It’d be hard for him to hide in Star City if he stayed there to be the Green Arrow. He’d never be able to leave the bunker during the day. People would be after the Green Arrow all over again. He’d never see the light of day again; he’d go insane.

I don’t think Felicity or the team will break him out. It would put them in the same position that Oliver breaking himself out would. No matter how much she misses him, Felicity would definitely understand why she can’t break him out. I think she’ll lead the charge in the name of breaking him out, but I don’t think she’ll actually do anything expressly to break him out.

We’ll see. But dollars to donuts, he gets out in 704. That gives them just enough time to let the dust settle a bit before the crossover.

I agree with this theory @juvinadelgreko I also have been saying that Oliver will not escape because of the reasons exposed above. I think he will go out on special missions (Suicide Squad type of tasks) sponsored by ARGUS or Agent Watson. Maybe he’ll get a provisional costume for these missions (an old school Robin Hood type of suit?) That’ll be fun… I think this is happening but closer to the midseason finale.

Speculations ! #RedHerringAlert! 🤔 I think t…

Speculations ! #RedHerringAlert!

🤔 I think this pictures was taken in the Hospital set during the shooting of 7×01. I think Rene dies at the end of this episode.
Rick has been posting a lot of pictures these days… some old and some from S6 with colleagues and crew… This picture also could have been also taken during the filming of 6×18, an episode written by Ortega and directed by Bray. This episode has also scenes in the Hospital set…Let’s see what happens…


“Got to see someone in a new superhero costume yesterday … I can give you a thousand guesses, you’ll never get it”

Stephen Amell | Instagram 08/14/2018

Hoping for Emiko…

browsethestacks: Batman: Legends Of The Dark …


Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight: The Arrow And The Bat (2000)

Art by Hugh Fleming

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Deadshot’s trademark weapons are his specially designed wrist guns. They can fire multiple rounds and can also be equipped with special rounds depending on the target.

100ArrowDCComicsEasterEggs || 58 days until the premiere of Season 7

#Arrow || The goatee is growing!

#Arrow || The goatee is growing!


“I haven’t changed my wardrobe yet this year, that’s exciting… Although, I’ll tell you what… I had the most exciting, unique, never-thought-it-would-happen, what-am-I-doing-here, Oh-my-God-it-look-silly, I’ve-got-really-nervous fitting that I have ever had before or ever will have in the history however long do we do this show for, I will never have a fitting where I’m ‘guh, oh boy!’… “

Stephen Amell | Instagram 08/14/2018

What if it is the classic hood and the green feather hat?



ARROW at Comic-Con: The Cast and Producers Tea…

ARROW at Comic-Con: The Cast and Producers Tease Season 7 (Plus, Watch a Sneak Peek for the New Season!) | | the TV addict:


During ARROW’s Comic-Con panel, the cast and executive producer, Beth Schwartz, shared a few other teasers for the new season.

  • Out on the streets, Rene will have to figure out how to “interpret Oliver’s directive [to them]” before he headed to prison. Echo Kellum said that all of the heroes on Team Arrow will be trying to do what they can to help Star City, but they might be doing it in different ways.
  • Meanwhile, Roy isn’t the same person as the man he was when he left according to Colton Haynes. Haynes said that the new executive producer “wrote me a version of the character that is so special. It’s going to be so hard for me to do, but I’m going to do it.”
  • The Longbow Hunters were mentioned in the season 6 finale and three of them will be working with Diaz in season 7 – Red Dart (played by Holly Elissa), Kodiak (played by Michael Jonsson) and Silencer (played byMiranda Edwards).
  • There’s a scene in the season premiere where Stephen Amell says that Oliver does something that is “reprehensible”.
  • Felicity and Diggle will be “hunting down Diaz in their own way,” according to David Ramsey.

My prediction is that René will not survive the first episode ⚰️